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“181” Fashion Film

    181 is a spatial design project that explores the relationship of order and chaos — creating a visual harmony through the combination of natural materials and compositional rigidity.

    Beginning with a digital collage, JF Hallen and team constructed a perspective bending landscape that serves as a backdrop for the fashion design of NG2 Studios. The film captures the runway show hosted in LA in early 2022 and captures the ethereal spirit of the experience.

“181” Installation

This project is part of an on-going series of works exploring visual aesthetics supported by The New Company.

Credits (Abridged):

Agency: The New Company
Executive Creative Director/EP: Matt Luckhurst
President/Executive Producer: Seth Mroczka
Producer: Nick Roldan
Creative Producer/Sound Designer + Composer: Alexis Pfeffer
Creative Producer: Sam Stone
Clothing Designed by: NG2 Studios
Graphic Designer: Sasia Lutova
Director/Designer: J.F. Hallen

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